2019 HK Global Sources Exhibition (Autumn)

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During Oct. 11th-14th, Hangcheng/Naviwin participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources autumn exhibition and achieved great success.

This time, we have received customers from all over the world, mainly in the Middle East and Europe, such as Dubai, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In addition, India is also a major source of customers.

Review to the exhibition, we have 3 topics this time. 

1) LCD-changed item 
We apply the high configuration chip - Rockchip PX5 to high-end car models, which is for new launched BMW and Audi models.

This series only changes the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) but keep original car radio system function, also it runs Android system.

2) Frame-changed item

A 9”/10.1” universal machine can be installed to hundreds of thousands of frame, which is a flexible choice for current market.

3) Adjustable Multi-angle item
The display can be rotated 180° left and right,also be adjusted up and down, forward and backward.
It gives you a best viewing angle and comfortable operating angle.

Let us see you next year!

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